The Wake Forest Listening Room

An Evening with Lipbone

All Ages
Friday, November 15, 2024
Doors: 6:45pm Show: 7:30pm

From New York’s subway to stages around the world, Lipbone Redding’s music stretches like a string that’s never-ending. With eight albums of tunes and a lifetime of inspiration from which to draw, the well-traveled musician features a sound that far exceeds the boundaries of Americana. Despite the lack of a band, his approach dips into jazz and blues with a New Orleans touch. Swaths of Latin America tango with occasional dollops of Asian flair and American funk. Like an international rainbow, Redding’s style reaches out to touch many a someone.”  — Tom Netherland – Herald Courier

Lipbone is a one-man orchestra and award-winning collaborator, who makes stories into songs, and songs into birds. In his early years, he left his home of North Carolina to live in New York City, where he busked nightly for three years in the Uptown 6 train subway station in SoHo. The experience of New York has led him to many accolades and adventures.  His music is groove-inspired, unique and heartfelt; a rootsy, soulful joy that can move a crowd to dancing with just a microphone and a guitar. In honor of his many influences from around the globe, Lipbone is uncompromisingly true to his own voice and music.

He’s a master at rousing a room into howls and unbridled sing-alongs. His songs are peppered with vocal trombones and throat-singing crickets, fantastic animals and a host of poignant characters. Lipbone engages the audience as if they are additional band members, and invites them to employ their voices, claps and dance moves for the greater good

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