The Wake Forest Listening Room

Mad Crush

All Ages
Friday, June 07
Doors: 6:45pm Show: 7:30pm

Billboard Magazine describes Mad Crush as June Carter and Johnny Cash crossed with The Kinks, and that sounds just about right.

The band’s theatrical, back-and-forth performances between singing protagonists Joanna Sattin and John Elderkin are complete with sharp humor and hurt — vivid little dramas about modern conundrums and timeless matters of the heart. 

Based in Chapel Hill, N.C., Mad Crush consists of local veterans Chuck Garrison (Zen Frisbee), Mark Whelan (The Veldt), Laura Thomas (Hindugrass), John Elderkin and Henry Pharr (The Popes), and newcomer Joanna Sattin on vocals.

Robert Christgau in VICE: “You believe in your heart that John Elderkin and Joanna Sattin are a couple, because only a couple would notice these things.” 

POPMATTERS: Elderkin and Sattin play off of one another with an instantly infectious melding of charisma, heart, and sass. Thomas’ fiddle, flourishing in vibrant colors, brings songs alive.

BILLBOARD: “Nuanced and quirky—June and Johnny crossed with Ray Davies of the Kinks.”  

Americana Highways: “Whimsical… endearing country with amusing pop. Rhythmically complex music, with a touch of an old-timey bluegrass feel.”  

ConcertHopper: “Elderkin’s delivery brings to mind Wings-era Paul McCartney… the eternal optimist/everyman.”

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